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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oosaravelli complete movie review

Oosaravelli Review – Oosaravelli Movie Review – Oosaravelli Telugu Movie Review, Rating: JR NTR latest film Oosaravelli released on this festival day amidst huge expectations. This is the biggest ever release for a Tollywood movie and lots of expectations and crores of money are riding on it. Did it match the hype and surpass the expectations? Find out in Oosaravelli Review…

Tony (NTR) is a typical character who changes moods and colors as per the situation. He meets Niharika (Tamanna) in an awkward situation which leads to love. He falls in love with her and chases her day and night. He gets to know that she is already in love with someone, but chases her down till she falls in love with him. At this point the other side of him is revealed which gives us the answers for the unanswered. Actually he is on a mission to kill an entire mafia empire. Why does he do that? For whom does he work for? Watch the movie for answers.

Oosaravelli starts off on a high note with excellent intro scene of hero. The hero character is introduced in such a way that audience expects him to play mind games and wise tricks all the time. But the film turns out to be a love story after that hyped introduction. This part is dealt in an entertaining with NTR, Raghubabu, MS Narayana and Jayaprakash Reddy doing the honors of filling in fun moments. The real story will only start before interval and the interval scene has really come out well. The graph picks up suddenly and sets high expectations on the second half.

Second half will reveal about the hero’s mission and why he has been under disguise. This part mostly deals with the heroine and it may not be liked by hardcore NTR fans. He goes missing for more than ten minutes and the film considerably slows down. Movie takes a serious turn and comedy takes the backseat. Director tried to force comedy in bits and pieces in the second hour but it didn’t gel well.

Script wise, Oosaravelli is good barring few plot holes. But where it fails is with balancing NTR’s mass image with the hero’s characterization. Director had to sacrifice mind games and intelligent play for the sake of satisfying NTR fans, which didn’t help the film much. On a whole Oosaravelli can be watched once for its entertaining first half, interesting plot and performances of the lead star cast.

Commercially it may suffer because of going against NTR image. NTR city based fans and youth may be satisfied to see him in a new avatar, but his core audience from the B and C centers will have too many complaints with the film.

It is good to see NTR switching genres. He did a completely different role in this movie which is more of a lover boy and less of an action hero. He also tried comedy and underplayed the emotions. It is refreshing to see him in this movie. He has to keep a check on the weight as he is gaining few kilos. His dances in Dandia India are good.

Tamanna got a very good role and she excelled in it. Generally heroines don’t get much scope in star heroes films. But this film is an exception and Tamanna lapped it up. She is gorgeous in few scenes.

Prakash Raj is routine. Jayaprakash and Raghubabu are funny. MS Narayana shared few laughs. Kick Shyam is brief and Rehaman is Okay. Sayaji Shinde’s role is half baked. Harika (Payal Ghosh) gives a neat performance.

Koratala Siva dialogues worked in places. On a whole lacked the necessary punch. Devi Sri Prasad’s background score is fabulous. Two songs are very good. Rasool camera is one of the highlights of the movie. Action part is dealt well. There are few action scenes but are shot in an exciting fashion. Production values are rich.

Surender Reddy did well as a director to handle the script well. However, he is off balance at times as he is ‘confused’ to stick with the content or to go with NTR’s mass image. He should have opted for a small hero instead of choosing a star for this script, which would have done wonders for him.

Final Word:
        Don’t expect a brand NTR film!

Oosaravelli Movie Rating: 3/5

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cini Chitra
Casting: Jr NTR, Tamanna, Prakash Raj, Shyam, Jayaprakash, Raghubabu, MS Narayana
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Direction: Surender Reddy

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jr.ntr's latest oosaravelli trailers

Oosaravelli latest trailer with scenes in the trailer. Juniour ntr's latest movie oosaravelli with tamannah as heroinn latest trailer released before release.amazing dance performance by tamannah shown in this trailer 

 Oosaravelli another trailer in hd

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oosaravelli theaters list in Hyderabad

oosaravelli theatres list

Young Tiger Jr NTR’s Oosaravelli has completed all formalities and is gearing up for release on October 6. The film was awarded U/A certificate by the censor board. This film’s distribution rights were bought by RR movie makers and they are planning for a big release on coming Thursday.
The first set of theatres released by Nizam distributor consists of main screens in Hyderabad. This number will certainly go up as the release date approaches. Producer BVVSN Prasad is super confident about his upcoming release Oosaravelli. 
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